Economic Development

Haiti Awake has formed meaningful partnerships with Mission Made Jewelry and Cottontale. We are exploring many other economic options as well. Our staff are responsible for managing a copy center in Tabarre and a small poultry farm at the children's home. Also we have decided to formalize a service we have been offering for the last two years in the Port-au-Prince area - chauffeur services.

These opportunities not only provide income for our staff, but they also help teach our children important lessons they can use to break the cycle of poverty in Haiti.

We partnered with Mission Made Jewelry (MMJ) in January 2018 in order to provide additional employment opportunities for our Haiti Awake staff and community. MMJ is a Wilmington-based non-profit working to break the cycle of poverty for individuals throughout Haiti through the sale of handmade products. MMJ partners with artisans in Haiti to establish training program and job opportunities. Products are created using traditional crafting techniques with locally sourced materials. Each Mission Made Jewelry purchase helps to improve the lives of artisans and their families by providing fair wages, a safe working environment, and education opportunities. 100% of Mission Made’s profits are reinvested into their work in Haiti.

Cottontale is a children’s’ clothing brand outfitting kids in stylish and ethically-made apparel. They create well-designed, quality products so customers don’t have to compromise when shopping ethically.

Cottontale’s mission is to provide respectable and stable jobs to artisans around the world through the manufacturing and sourcing of their product lines. They are committed to paying wages that reflect the value of our artisans’ hard work and a livable income that provides for themselves and their families. They believe doing business this way means lives will be changed, poverty alleviated, and futures rewritten.

In the spring of 2018, Cottontale found a manufacturing partner in Haiti Awake’s economic development initiative. Haiti Awake was able to directly connect Haitian craftspeople with Cottontale’s production needs avoiding unethical middlemen and ensuring a transparent supply chain.