Spring 2015

What a long, cold winter it's been here in North Carolina!   This last week we've finally seen the promise of spring with trees blooming and warmer temperatures.  Spring always reminds me there are beautiful days ahead.

Here at Haiti Awake we're anticipating great things in the coming months.

Rick, Jared,  Ethan and I will be in Haiti in April, and then the boys and I will head back down May 27.   Jared and Ethan will be in Haiti until June 19th, and I'll be there until June 29th.  During the month of June we'll host three separate teams . . . with a house filled to capacity (and beyond!) nearly every night.

We've had the opportunity to teach a Wednesday night class at GBC based on the book Helping Without Hurting.  The class is made up of summer team members and others in the church who are interested in missions.  It's been a great time on Wednesday nights as we study, share . . . and learn some basic Creole together.

Speaking of Creole, the Lord sent me a wonderful teacher named Gloria.  She's Haitian, and she teaches her classes via Skype.  We've only had a few lessons, but her teaching method and insight are EXACTLY what I needed.  I feel like my grammar and pronunciation have improved immeasurably these last few weeks.   My comprehension has gone up substantially,  too.  I'm still a long way away from being fluent, but progress is exciting.  

Jared and Ethan are learning quite a bit of Creole, as well, and the three of us have been practicing music for the summer.  We're looking forward to leading some of the music for the children instead of just listening.  I LOVE hearing my boys sing "Glwa Pou Bondye" most of all.  

I've been thinking on Romans 1:12 this morning : "That is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other's faith, both yours and mine."

 This is Haiti Awake.  This is my heart.