Giving Opportunities to Specific Funds Related to the Home for Orphans (a.k.a. Federick’s Orphanage)

Haiti Awake maintains the following separate funds for use with the Home for Orphans.  Donors may designate their gifts to these various funds and then these funds will be used as provided in the fund description below.  Recurring annual or monthly donations are particularly helpful for planning to cover the needs of these children.  

Consistent with federal law and to preserve the tax deductibility of donor contributions, there can be no legal requirement that Haiti Awake use a contribution for a particular purpose.  We do not anticipate this occurring; but, if funds are ever used other than for the purpose of the designated fund, then the donors will be contacted and informed of the reason for the different use of the funds. 



We have found a suitable school for the 17 children for this school year.  It is the school where our coworker, Polo, teaches English classes. He will be able to see the children daily and provide oversight for Haiti Awake.  

Public education is not an option.  Even government schools charge tuition in Haiti and require uniforms.  However, they do not always pay their teachers, and teachers are frequently not in the classroom because they have not been paid.  A reasonable private school is the best option.  



The children have a variety of medical needs, including head fungus, rashes, and other complications from malnutrition/under-nutrition in the past.  All of the children need a basic health assessment and ongoing screening.  The benefits of good general health are obvious, but better health has a specific positive impact on young students as they are able to concentrate on their studies rather than their empty stomachs.  The children need regular visits from health care professionals who can distribute needed medications, vitamins, and offer on-going education in basic hygiene.  


Like children everywhere, these children need basic outerwear, underwear, socks, and shoes in order to be properly clothed for school and for normal life.  

Schools in Haiti require students to have uniforms and an extra uniform, with underwear, shoes, and socks.


Existing generous monthly donations to this fund provide the children with basic daily rations (beans and rice and other simple dinners).  Other donations to this fund are used to add meat and fresh fruits and vegetables to the children’s diet and may also provide a snack and water to each child for school each day.  


Land cost in Haiti is very high compared to rent.  Because rent has been reasonable to this point, and because we do not have the funds to purchase facilities at this point, at this time we are renting a house for the home for the children.  




while unrestricted donations are always appreciated, gifts to these funds a great way to know exactly where your donations are being used.  Thank you for your generosity.