Another way to give to Haiti Awake

The generosity shown by gifts of time and money to Haiti Awake is truly amazing and continues to grow.

We have shared various ways of giving that cost you nothing extra (for example, shopping through with Amazon Smile when shopping on Amazon).

One of the things that we wish we could do is accept all of the physical items that are offered. Some of these items are valuable and would be useful, but the cost of shipping and customs is prohibitively high.

Given this problem, I wanted to give a short explanation of eBay community charitable selling. This allows you to sell these items on eBay and contribute the proceeds to Haiti Awake.

It is very simple. When you list your item one of the very last options is a little check box that says "Donate a portion to charity."

Check this box and then under "Donation Percentage" choose 100% of proceeds (when you sell for a charity eBay will credit the listing fees back to you).

The last line is "Donate to." Click that drop down menu and choose "Search for Charity." Type "Haiti Awake," and Haiti Awake will pop up.

You are all set! The proceeds will be sent to the Paypal Giving Fund, you will receipt a gift receipt, and 100% of those funds will be sent to Haiti Awake.

For more detailed information you can go to

- Rick