Lespwa Fè Viv (Hope Makes Life) - Part 2

Yesterday, Hudson began to tell you about the work in Les Cayes.  Today he continues . . .

Let me introduce you to some of our fellowship here as we worked. 

At MEBSH,  Pastor and his wife were happy to welcome us in their house during these 4 days.

And we met different families at the church that are in need because of the hurricane.   Even though we couldn't help all of them, there were a few we have decided to visit.  Let me introduce you.

This is Guety Salomon.   She has six children, but she is living with two of them.   She used to be a vendor but right after the hurricane, she had to leave her home with her daughters, because she have lost almost everything.

But God always has a plan.

Look at what we were able to do thanks to your donations!  Thank you!

Tomorrow I want to introduce you to Moise Marieta.