Orestal Beauvoit

As I stood surveying the community we were in one week ago today, the remnants of one house caught my eye over and over.  Though most houses were at least partially standing, having lost their roofs, there was one dwelling that had completely collapsed . . . with a still-intact roof on top of the rubble.  It was almost ironic.

One Tuesday morning, Orestal Beauvoit came to me.  He explained to me that he is an old man, that he is sick, and that he has no way to rebuild his home.  He asked for my help.

And I offered him the same help I offered everyone else we talked to in Les Cayes last week.  I promised to tell his story and share his picture.

Orestal Beauvoit also has a physical ailment which he asked me to look at.  I explained to him that I am not a doctor, I am not a nurse, but he seemed to take comfort in me just looking at the problem... a problem he has had for almost 6 years.   I shared the photo I took of his issue with a number of people who are medically knowledgeable.  They all agreed - he needs to see a physician.   

Could you help this man rebuild his home and see a doctor?   Your year-end donation to Haiti Awake can help Orestal and people like him who are still looking to recover their lives post-Hurricane Matthew.

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