So, how are the kids?

I've heard this question over and over since returning from Haiti last week.  It makes my heart happy to know so many of you care about the children and that you've been praying for them during this time of transition in their lives.

Some of you have mentioned that in seeing recent photos, you see a new joy on their faces. You are right!  There is a happiness in them that I've never seen in the nearly four years we've known each other.   Their eyes sparkle now!  I hope this means that they finally feel free, loved, secure, safe...

So . . . How are the kids?  I think this anecdote says it all.

Normally on the night before I leave, the children are sad, and some are quite emotional.  In the past, no matter how hard I've tried to keep things positive and upbeat, different children were crying, and some even ran away and hid, refusing to even say "goodbye."

However, when we parted on the evening of January 30, no one seemed sad.  No one was crying.  No one was clinging to me.  No one ran away from me.  Instead, several confirmed with me that we'd see each other (if God wills) in March, and there were smiles.  Big smiles.

We at Haiti Awake are praising God for His goodness, His kindness, His grace, His faithfulness. Please pray with us about the children's future.  Many have parents in the area.  We've had several different parent meetings so far, and we're praying that God will heal and restore broken relationships.    In March, it is our hope to start home visits with consenting parents, and we're eager to see the Gospel transform lives.

Please pray with us!