When God Speaks to Your Heart

Haiti Awake has completely changed our lives, and our hearts have grown for Haiti and its people so much more because of you all.

When we met the Florestal family, Shane and I both felt that despite us being in different countries and having different economic circumstances, we could relate in many other ways. We both had children and wanted the best for them. We saw so much potential in their desire to succeed, to give their children opportunities.

As you know, there wasn’t a day that went by that we didn’t think of them. They have become a part of our hearts and frequent subjects of our families dinner conversations. We knew we met this family and connected with them for a reason, that perhaps there was some small way for us to help.

What we didn’t expect was the joy, love and inspiration this family would give to us. We are so very grateful for this opportunity!
— Shane and Michelle Carr

Because a couple came to Haiti.  Because they listened when God spoke.  Because they asked a question, "Is it possible to sponsor Odnelson for school?"  Because Polo and Steeve were willing to do the leg work.  Because Odnelson's parents are committed to getting him to school each day.  

Because God uses people just like you and me to change little people's lives in a big way . . . 

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-24 at 1.53.16 PM.jpeg

Odnelson has the opportunity to go to school this year.  

He is the first child in our child sponsorship program who is not living in our children's home.  He lives at home with his parents.  His sponsors encourage that and want to support that - and so do we!   

This is what hope and a future look like.

Glwa pou Bondye!