Ansanm pou Ayiti (Together for Haiti)

Steeve, Polo and Manoucheka attended the Ansanm Pou Ayiti Haiti National State of Health Congress which was held at the Karibe Hotel in Port au Prince May 10 and 11.

The Congress gathered over 200 policy makers, seasoned executives, public and private stakeholders, and knowledgeable pioneers in the health industry to discuss the state of health in Haiti.

Over the course of two days, attendees analyzed the current environment and health system in place, studied the role of public and private sectors in spurring innovation, discussed the challenges individuals and organizations face within the health industry in Haiti, and collaboratively examined the available opportunities for solutions, innovation, support, and systems for change to Haiti’s health landscape as we know it.

Our Haiti Awake staff learned so much and were so grateful for the opportunity to attend.

Polo, Manoucheka and I - The three of us want to thank you for giving us this opportunity to be a part of the National Congress on Healthcare Systems in Haiti.

It has been a very good experience to me especially where I was better able to understand the healthcare system in Haiti - where 80% of the population doesn’t have access to a good quality healthcare.

According to so many, we face challenges like
lack of logistics , lack of availability, lack of training, lack of rules in the systems, lack of infrastructure, etc...

After discussing all of this, we have seen that there is not an easy solution. The healthcare system in Haiti is complicated.

But as we have learned today even though it is complicated, there is hope.

We need a good leadership.
We need jobs created where people will be able to have access with a good quality healthcare
NGOs, the government, and the civil society need to work together for the benefit of the population.

I have so many notes in my notebook. These are just a few!
— Steeve - speaking for all three

Both Manoucheka and Polo sent messages of thanks which echoed Steeve's comments.

Thank you monthly supporters of Haiti Awake who give to the general fund of the ministry.  Your support allows us to educate our staff, paying both their tuition and transportation to this event.   Educating the staff of Haiti Awake empowers them to do more for their communities and allows us to fulfill our mission statement  which says in part -

It is our hope to provide opportunities to Haitian Christians in a variety of ways, including personal relationships, community Bible studies, and formal Biblical training.

Our goal is to equip these local Christians to reach their own communities and their own country through showing Christ’s love in action.