Thoughts on Doko

Earlier this year we went back to Doko and had a community meeting.  At the time, the community agreed that they wanted us to come alongside of them in building a double latrine on community property.  So we made plans to go to Doko in July and have several days of Work and Worship together - anticipating a time of mutuality and hard work.


The civil unrest in Haiti forced Jet Blue 1709 back to the United States and altered all of our plans for the weekend, including the trip to Doko, but on Tuesday, July 10, David, Steeve, and I were able to join Maken and Cesnel who were already in Doko.

It wasn't long after arriving that I began hearing the voice of John Perkins in my head:

Go to the people, live among them, learn from them, love them. Start with what they know, build on what they have: But of the best leaders, when their task is accomplished, their work is done, the people will remark, ‘We have done it ourselves.’