Cesnel's Big Adventure

We all recognized that during the move from the old house to the new home, Cesnel worked.  He worked hard.  He worked like a man.  And we wanted to honor that.  So we asked him to go with us to Doko to work on the latrine project.

Of course, none of us could have anticipated the events that would transpire on July 6, the day after he and Maken left for Doko.

When we were all reunited in Doko the next week, Steeve and I began to discuss how to get Cesnel home to Port.  We were uncomfortable with the idea of leaving him behind to travel by bus with Maken, not knowing when it would be safe for them to return via that means of transportation.

So the decision was made to take Cesnel with us back to Jeremie by moto and fly him home with us on the MAF flight.  We did not tell him what we were doing, and he did not know he was going to fly until we were actually walking out to the airplane. 

Surprises are the best!