We learn and grow

How thankful I am for the many photos we've taken through the years in Haiti because it is in these photos we can see just how far God has brought us.  This morning I came across these photos of the children from August 2014 - before there was Haiti Awake, when our interactions were so limited, when we had absolutely no idea the plans God had for us.

My eyes are teary as I ponder the truth of this quote from the book, Fulfilled.    And my heart is full as we continue to anticipate a beautiful future that is beyond our wildest expectations.

But one of the most beautiful, soul-sanctifying things God ever does for us is to bless our lives through those we’ve come to bless, to expose the pride and superiority that makes us think we’re in perceived control of them, and to realize that God is the one who’s truly in control of all of us. Sure, people learn and grow from what we do, but we learn and grow as well by being in their company.
— Joey Lankford

Glwa pou Bondye.