When God Calls Us to Live & Stop Planning

A Life That Is Planned Is Not Life At All Because A Life That Is Planned Cannot Be Lived


If you know me, you know I’m a planner and organizer. I have my moments of being cool as a cucumber and not planning and organizing. But honestly it takes a lot of talking with God to get there.

While in Haiti this summer, I was co-leading our team. One of our goals was to paint the Tap-Tap. And again if you know me when I plan out art or pretty much anything, I’ve envisioned how I EXPECT or WANT it to be. And I EXPECT what I WANT to be the end result.

How self centered and selfish does that sound! Wow! You’re probably wondering if there is any redeeming to this story.

But GOD!! I talked with God pretty much every minute of the two evenings we spent painting the Tap-Tap. Asking him to give me patience, ability to let go, be okay with not controlling the painting technique.

I was afraid of running out of our base color. I was afraid the lettering wouldn’t look perfect & clean if I wasn’t the one painting it. I was focused on what had to get done so we could get to the fun part where I’d been promising myself that’s when I can let go & allow the kids to do what they want.

But GOD!! In all that talking to God through out those two evenings He showed me the beauty of not planning. Well planning to an extent haha…

The older boys finished painting the inside even when I told them we were done for the night and to save paint. Did we run out of paint? Nope! Did the inside look okay? It was more than okay. The boys had it gleaming white!

Could I do the lettering on my own? Nope! Bradley held stencils while I traced, Lizzie and the older kids asking to paint the letters. Did the letters come out prefect? Well close enough! Was one of the letters technically upside down?  Yep, but hey that’s okay (if you can find it, you get a gold star). I honestly forgot about this part until writing this post haha

Did amazing designs get painted without it being part of my plan? Yep! And they are beautiful and glorified God through the skills He has given Wesly and Hudson.

Did everyone have fun. Were we LIVING?? Yep! That’s all that matters!

God doesn’t want us to not plan. Nor does He want us to plan so much that we miss out on living in His presence, in His glory, in His beauty, in His grace, and in His joy.

Remember to LIVE today and everyday!

Erin Meyer-Cuno