Welcome to Haiti

This heartfelt statement was written by Steeve Derard, Director of Church Ministry Development for Haiti Awake, in response to a week of troubling (sometimes exaggerated) news and rumors. Our leadership team and our board affirm Steeve and his words, and we praise God for his leadership and steadfastness of character, even in the midst of difficult days.

Welcome to this beautiful country with nice people, strong people, and very intelligent people who know all kinds of suffering.

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Welcome to a beautiful country with nice beaches, waterfalls and tourist sites.

Welcome to this beautiful country with an amazing history.

These last days, this beautiful country (Haiti), has known some very bad moments with all kinds of difficulties. Such as riots, manifestations, roadblocks, insecurity, health issues, and so forth.

Every day we are asking ourselves what tomorrow will look like?
Will things improve or worsen?
Is it safe for people to travel to a place like Haiti?
Is it worth to be living there?
I don't have any answers for those questions, because we can not predict anything when it comes to situations like this in Haiti.

The only thing I know is this: God didn't make any mistakes to let me and my family to be born in Haiti, under this bicolor flag.

I know many of you are heartbroken right now because of your love for Haiti, for your friends in Haiti, and for your family.

Because of those, you feel so much burdens to lift Haiti up in your daily prayers. I praise God for that. To those who have been called to serve with us in Haiti, do not doubt your call. God didn't make any mistakes either to call you in Haiti.

Believe me, God is in control.

Please keep praying for Haiti.