The Cost of Discipleship

Yet over and over in the Scriptures, Jesus warns people of the cost of discipleship, that it will cost them everything they have ever hoped for and believed in—their biological families, their possessions, even their very lives.

He warns them to count the cost before putting their hand to the plow.

And Jesus allows people to walk away.
— Shane Claiborne


Last weekend's surprise trip to Haiti was supposed to be filled with fun and laughter.  That was my expectation.

And it was a great weekend, in many ways . . . except when it wasn't.  This past weekend I was again confronted with the realities of Haiti . . . Harsh realities.  Dark realities.  Realities that rip at my heart.  Realities that are often more than I want to ponder.  Realities that affect people I love and know by name.

And so, this past weekend I counted the cost.

But I'm not walking away.

Thankful for friends who are infinitely patient with me as I navigate life between two vastly different worlds.

Thankful for RickJustinJared, and Ethan understanding my heart ...

I'm not certain this will ever get any easier.