Today is "Giving Tuesday."

Yes, it is a made-up event that was not on the calendar before 2012, but it is noble.

As the commercialism of Black Friday and Cyber Monday has turned Thanksgiving into "Thanksgetting" (I borrowed that from a cell phone advertisement that was sadly spot-on), it is refreshing to see any effort that is not self-absorbed.

Giving is the transfer of something as a gift, something given with nothing tangible received in exchange.

This day is a timely reminder as we enter a season of giving inspired by God's greatest gift of all, and this time between Thanksgiving and the year-end has become vitally important to charities and ministries. Givers inspired by the season, and encouraged by a tax deduction, of course, give more during this month and than any other month of the year.

Please pause today and think about the charities and ministries that you believe in, then . . . give. Be a part of something more significant than the latest gadget or knick-knack that will soon be broken, lost, and forgotten. ---Rick