One of the things that I love about hosting American teams in Haiti is hearing them ask questions.  No matter how many times you go to Haiti, you'll always leave with more questions than answers.  And many times that question is a "Why?" question.


The roads that are now routine to me, the things that no longer surprise me, the questions I no longer ask, the things I no longer even see . . .   These are all new and exciting to first-time visitors.  Beyond that, those who are new to Haiti have so much optimism and enthusiasm.  They ask questions and challenge the status-quo in a new way.  They don't realize, "We can't do that."  And when you don't realize you CAN'T do something, you do it.


Why are the children living like this?
— January Team

That why question took the children from the house above to the house below.


Why aren’t the children in school?
— June Team, Week 2

That question took the children from no school to the first day of school photo below.

1st Day of School - October 2015

1st Day of School - October 2015

Why can’t we get a new wheelchair for Wendy Divine?
— October Team

Because of that question, Wendy was in his new wheelchair just over a month later.  And . . . it didn't even cost anything.  Someone had a nearly new wheelchair they didn't need.  And they gave it to Wendy.  We just had to ask.

Isn't God amazing in how He provides?

I'm looking forward to more questions from team members in 2016, questions that help us all see more clearly the direction in which God is moving Haiti Awake.