Haiti Awake Board Members

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Rick Graves

Rick serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Haiti Awake and carries the formal title of "Becky's Husband." 

Rick, Becky, and their three sons, Justin, Jared, and Ethan, first visited Haiti in 2012, and it was not long before all things Haiti had a huge place in family life. 

A member of The Bridge Church, Rick is a retired Army Green Beret and JAG Officer who now works as a financial planner, attorney, and entrepreneur in Wilmington, NC. 

Rick's experience in tax, finance, business, and charitable gift planning has given him the opportunity to serve with many charities and churches over the past 20 years as God prepared him to help lead Haiti Awake. 

Rick believes that the investment of Biblical principles into relationships with our friends in Haiti can transform surviving into thriving. 

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Becky Graves

Wife to Rick and mom to Justin, Jared, and Ethan, Becky's first trip to Haiti was in March of 2012 with her family.  Since then she's traveled to Haiti over 30 times and worked with many short-term teams made up of team members from across the United States.

Steeve Derard and Becky met on that first trip, and over the next year became close personal friends.   Through daily conversations, a mutual love for Haiti, and shared vision for development, Haiti Awake was born.

Becky is thankful for the privilege of loving and learning cross-culturally and finds great satisfaction in the mutually-beneficial relationships growing between Haitians and Americans.

She truly believes these words from Craig Greenfield:

Local people are at the heart of what God is doing in any particular place.

Our role is to come alongside them, and strengthen their hand. As outsiders we are called to amplify their voices, lighten their load, equip and support them. For they are the true change-makers.

Not us.  

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Kim Barrs

Kim, a member of North Hills Church in Taylors, SC, serves as Treasurer.  Kim, a CPA who spent eight years in public accounting, has served in various management roles with several financial services companies, as well as serving her local church with the finance team and financial counseling ministry.

Kim and Becky have been friends since college, and it was through this friendship that Kim first visited Haiti in June of 2013 with the Graves family.  

Through that trip, as well as heart-to-heart conversations with Becky and a second trip to Haiti in October 2015, Kim’s love for Haiti and the ministry of Haiti Awake continues to grow.  

Kim and her husband Joel have two daughters., and they desire to live out the Gospel and instill a genuine love for people in their daughters lives.  They are looking forward to taking them to Haiti one day.  

Kim truly believes that building relationships, motivated by Christ’s love, will ultimately change lives and bring hope to individuals and to Haiti.


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Wendy Rohm

A teacher at Wilmington Christian Academy and a member of Grace Baptist  Church, Wendy grew up with a love for missions and missionaries.  Her first "missions trip" was when she went to live in South Africa for two years to teach in a school and assist church planters. 

In 2012 after talking to Becky about what was happening in Haiti, Wendy wanted to go see for herself.  And she did, taking her first trip to Haiti in the summer of 2013.

Since then she has been to Haiti several times where she is loved by both the children and the staff of Haiti Awake.

Wendy counsels and encourages Becky and enjoys finding ways to support the people of Haiti Awake through things she can do here in Wilmington, NC, like shopping to find things needed in the Children's Home at bargain prices and sewing dresses for little girls.  

Wendy embodies this quote from Jean Johnson, "The most powerful thing a short-term visitor can do is to boost the self-esteem of the local believers."

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David Rutland

From the time David initially arrived in Haiti in July 2017, he was drawn to the people. Days after returning home from that trip, he had decided to return in October.

Since then, he's become a board member at large and the Lead for Economic Development for Haiti Awake. David and his new friends are working to develop various sustainable jobs, training and other opportunities that will contribute to community development.

A resident of Hampstead, NC, and a member of St. Matthews Lutheran Church, he stays busy with his very patient family, serving with Trail Life USA as a troop leader and a member of the local board. He has also helped with the Wilmington Food Bank family days and various NC events put on by the NC Arthritis Foundation Chapter. He also volunteers as a Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Advocate for the Humira SPEAK network. In his remaining spare time, David works as a Reactor Operator at the Brunswick Nuclear Plant.

A team player who values the opinions of others, David's interaction with the people of Haiti Awake could best be summarized with these words from Craig Greenfield: "True love flows out of mutuality, where we blur the lines between those who are serving and those who are receiving, and where we humbly acknowledge that we all have something to offer and something to receive from one another."