Haiti Awake Board Members

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Becky Graves, Executive Director

Wife to Rick and mom to Justin, Jared, and Ethan, Becky's first trip to Haiti was in March of 2012 with her family. Since then she's traveled to Haiti over 30 times and worked with many short-term teams made up of team members from across the United States.

Steeve Derard and Becky met on that first trip, and over the next year became close personal friends. Through daily conversations, a mutual love for Haiti, and shared vision for development, Haiti Awake was born.

Becky is thankful for the privilege of loving and learning cross-culturally and finds great satisfaction in the mutually-beneficial relationships growing between Haitians and Americans.

She truly believes these words from Craig Greenfield:

Local people are at the heart of what God is doing in any particular place.

Our role is to come alongside them, and strengthen their hand. As outsiders we are called to amplify their voices, lighten their load, equip and support them. For they are the true change-makers.

Not us.

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Wendy Rohm, Member at Large

A teacher at Wilmington Christian Academy and a member of Grace Baptist Church, Wendy grew up with a love for missions and missionaries. Her first "missions trip" was when she went to live in South Africa for two years to teach in a school and assist church planters.

In 2012 after talking to Becky about what was happening in Haiti, Wendy wanted to go see for herself. And she did, taking her first trip to Haiti in the summer of 2013.

Since then she has been to Haiti several times where she is loved by both the children and the staff of Haiti Awake.

Wendy counsels and encourages Becky and enjoys finding ways to support the people of Haiti Awake through things she can do here in Wilmington, NC, like shopping to find things needed in the Children's Home at bargain prices and sewing dresses for little girls.

Wendy embodies this quote from Jean Johnson, "The most powerful thing a short-term visitor can do is to boost the self-esteem of the local believers."

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Kaitlyn Stephens, Secretary

Kaitlyn went on her first missions trip to Haiti in June 2016 alongside Haiti Awake. She fell in love with the people and the country almost immediately. Since then, Kaitlyn has traveled back and forth to Haiti several times a year – working to establish long-term relationships within the community.

As Executive Director of Mission Made Jewelry, Kaitlyn has shown her passion for missions and poverty alleviation efforts through her work. Most recently, Mission Made has been working to train the Haiti Awake staff on metal stamping jewelry to provide additional employment opportunities. Additionally, Kaitlyn is the Director of Marketing for 401(k) Rekon | Excel 401(k).

Kaitlyn and her husband, Whitty reside in Wilmington, NC and enjoy serving their local community through their church, Port City Community, and other various volunteer organizations.


Alexandria Augi Treasurer

Alexandria first visited Haiti on a Haiti Awake mission trip with members from her church, Moores Creek Baptist, in the spring of 2018. As soon as she exited the Port au Prince Airport, Alexandria sensed something special about Haiti and felt the trip would be life-changing. Following the mission trip, she had the opportunity that same summer to intern at Haiti Awake. While there, she realized God was placing Haiti on her heart beyond the short term.

Alexandria is currently a student at UNCW studying mathematics and working with an afterschool martial arts program. In the summer of 2011, she created the Purple Carpet Event: Hope in LIFE (a non-profit day event for children with life-threatening illnesses to celebrate their life and to be loved by people in their communities while also hearing the gospel message of the unwavering love of Jesus Christ). Along with a strong leadership team, she co-organized this event for six years. She prayerfully decided to transition from the leadership team after this year’s event knowing God was calling her to a new ministry, yet not knowing what the ministry would be. It became apparent this past summer that God was opening a door for Alexandria within the Haiti Awake ministry. She looks forward to serving on the board and continuing to travel to Haiti as often as she can.

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