An awakening of Haitian Christians through community development, economic development, and church-ministry development.

Our goal is equip local Christians to reach their own communities and their own country through showing Christ’s love in action.


"Love doesn't just keep thinking about it or keep planning for it.

Simply put, love does. - Bob Goff

No American missionary can evangelize a foreign country as well as Christian nationals can, but in Haiti, extreme poverty hampers the ability of Haitian Christians to evangelize their own country.   

Often Haitian Christians do not have the resources to adequately support the ministries of a local church or to get systematic Bible training of any kind.  In Haiti, church planting and church growth largely depend on outside support in the form of finances and personal relationships. 

Although many Haitians have not come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, Haiti is not a mission field which needs Christ introduced.  In fact, it is our belief that American Christians could learn much from Haitian believers in the way they live their lives in trust, submission, and mutual edification.  

Haiti is a mission field where economic opportunities and personal relationships are necessary to help Haitian Christians and pastors move beyond mere physical subsistence to evangelism and systematic Bible training that will spur church growth and additional church planting.

Haiti Awake is our ministry. 


sponsoring a child with Haiti Awake

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“We are so grateful for all of the amazing work the Haiti Awake is doing, and we have been fortunate enough to go on several different trips to Haiti over the years, making connections with the staff and the children.
"The child sponsorship program has allowed us to create an intentional relationship with Esterlin. We made a special connection with him early on, and this has allowed us to further grow our when we are not in country relationship by writing back-and-forth, continually praying over him, and sending him special gifts for his birthday and holidays.
"We truly feel as though the Haiti Awake staff and all of the children are a part of our extended family and we are so thankful to be able to watch them grow and develop. The best part about sponsoring a child with Haiti Awake is that you get to truly be a part of the amazing things that God is doing in these children’s lives” – Whitty and Kaitlyn Stephens