Because He First Loved Us

Viewing ministry through the lens of relationships, Gospel, and hope, Haiti Awake is focused on community, church ministry, and economic development in the Tabarre area of Port-au-Prince.  Recognizing that we do live and work in an economically-impoverished community, we often engage in purposeful outreach in order to show Christ's love in action and further Gospel-centered interactions.

Two years ago after Hurricane Matthew devastated the southern peninsula of Haiti, God led us into purposeful relationship with a community in Jeremie called Doko - a place we now consider part of our larger community. Over the last two years, we have done food distribution, home repair, and worked with the community in building a latrine.

In keeping with our purpose and mission, this Christmas we will be providing special encouragement to some of the people in the community who are most vulnerable.  We will do this through the distribution of Christmas gifts which will ease their burden and be practical for the lives they live. 

We invite you to share in blessing them through sponsoring some of the families below for Christmas. For $150, you can fully sponsor a family’s Christmas blessing of a goat, beans, rice, and oil. To sponsor an individual part of their Christmas, see photos of each item below.

The purpose of this outreach is to continue to foster relationships and show Jesus’ love in action as we continue with intentional planning for our future in Doko.

Doko lisnor.jpg

Meet the Lisner Family

Lisner Antoine and his wife Fanelia Dejont have four boys. Three of them currently go to school. Lisner is a carpenter, and his wife used to be a vendor, though she is currently out of work.


willard doko.jpg

Meet The Willard Family

Willard Dejont and his wife Guerrier Renise have four chidren, three boys and a girl. Three of the children are in school. Willard is a farmer and his wife is a cultivator and a vendor.


doko family 3.jpg

Meet The Joseph Family

Yolene and Venor Joseph have 9 children. Venor is a farmer, and his sons help him in cultivating the land. Their mother is a vendor. Some of the children go to school.


school boy doko.jpg

Meet The Lereze Family

Lereze Francois and his wife Cecile Julien have 9 children. Seven of the children are living in the house with their father. Their mother, a vendor, goes back and forth to Port-au-Prince in order to earn some more money for the family. Lereze Francois is a Cultivator.

Four of the children began school at 5 years old, and this year their parents are working hard so that the others can go.

Some of them are a bit older and have never been to school. An example is the young man pictured, who is 12 years old and wishes to go to school.



Meet The Bruna Dieufete Family

Bruna Dieufete and his wife Donaise have 9 children. Three live at home, and the others live in Port-au-Prince. At the time of our interview, the family did not know if the children would be able to attend school this year.

The man pictured with Makendy is a brother-in-law. He is living with them because he had a stroke. He left his house so that they can help him.


doko family.jpg

Meet the Ijnel Beraliste Family

Laurejuste Lourdiana and her husband Ijnel Beraliste. have three children, and one of them will be going to school this year.

The grandparents of the three little girls are living in the same house with them. The adults in the home work as vendors, farmers, and fishermen.


family parents gone.jpg

Meet The Willio Pierre Family

Guirlene Baptiste and her husband Willio Pierre are farmers, and they have four children. Two of them are going to school.

When we visited, the parents had gone to the market and left their children home.



Meet the Mere Bruna Family

Mere Bruna, a widower, is almost blind. He has 5 children, only one of which is living with him the house.



Meet The Jules Alexis Family

Jules Alexis is a widower whose wife died of cholera.

He is the father of two girls and one boy. He is also the grandfather of three little girls.

He told us that his adult children are hard workers with professions in farming, vending, and carpentry.


“And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.”
— Hebrews 13:16
Goat - $75

Goat - $75

Large bag of rice/beans - $50  Half a bag of rice/beans - $25

Large bag of rice/beans - $50

Half a bag of rice/beans - $25

Gallon of oil - $25

Gallon of oil - $25

To give a Christmas gift to a specific family, please designate their names & what items your donation is covering then send to

Haiti Awake

4630 Mockingbird Lane

Wilmington, NC 28409

You can also donate via Venmo or Paypal.

We love because He first loved us. 
—   1 John 4:19