Wesly Bien-Aimé

Earlier today, I wrote this post to share with our summer ministry teams.  But . . . the more I've thought about things today, the more I thought it was an appropriate post to share with all of you who are part of Haiti Awake.

Two weeks from today, Jared, Ethan and I will be on our way to Port-au-Prince to get ready to welcome YOU. We're so excited about hosting three separate teams and sharing Haiti with our friends.

We'll be waiting for you at the airport!

We'll be waiting for you at the airport!

I was thinking yesterday about how difficult it still is for me to remember everyone I have met. Sometimes it's overwhelming. I've met people, I know I'm supposed to know them, but I just can't remember who they are or how they fit into the grand picture. And I know you'll experience this, too . . . trying to figure out who everyone is. Right, Sharonda?

For the next few days I want to introduce you to some of the people who will work with us while you're in Haiti. Hopefully this will help you put names with faces and put you more at ease from the start.

This is Wesly Bien-Aimé. I've known Wesly for over three years. He can do just about anything, and I personally depend on him and trust him a great deal. On my last trip, I really don't know what I would have done without him. He was with me morning until night, and he took care of what needed to be done.

He's a hard worker, a really smart guy, and although he looks tough (muscles, muscles, muscles!), he's really got a great heart.

Wesly is learning English. If you're patient in communicating with him, he'll be patient in communicating with you, too.

Wesly knows there is one thing I want for him more than anything else.  I want Wesly to know Jesus Christ as HIS Lord and Savior.

The most important thing about Wesly? He's my friend.