Grace Upon Grace

 The following is Hudson's report of the most recent work in Les Cayes.


We were back in Les Cayes, especially in "Gelee". This time God has made a path direction to Jack Charlie's house and his family.

Jack Charlie (far right) and a few members of his family.

Jack Charlie (far right) and a few members of his family.

We feel so much enthusiasm by how God uses our heart, our hands to make it work. Even everyday is a blessing day.

This family feels further blessed, and we got to feel the same way as them because God has touched our hearts and make us do the right thing.

They are so thankful, so happy, and they want to keep us in their prayers... We feel the same way too.

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All our acknowledgment to God, Haiti Awake, and you all that've made this work possible.

Do not forget that God loves us.


Editor's Note:  We will continue the work in Les Cayes as long as funds are available.  Please consider Haiti Awake in your year-end giving.


Keep your doubt away and hold onto faith, my friend. Because every day His grace doesn’t stop to fall on us, to fortify our lives, and make us feel we were made to love and be loved by Him (GOD). Believe, and be sincere in your acts. A heart that gives must always be happy and so for the heart that receives.
— Louis Hudson