An Emotional Week.

Last Friday night, Steeve and I talked by telephone.  He was still in Doko with Fre Jacques and Maken, but they were finished working there and had plans to travel back to Port the next morning.   We were rejoicing, praising God for everything that had transpired in Doko during the week.

Roughly an hour later Steeve sent me a text: "I just heard that Wesly and Idelmy had an accident.  They are at the hospital."

That text led to a restless night followed by several busy days filled with texts, phone calls, and requests on our part for favors from people in Port-au-Prince as we tried to ascertain the severity of Wesly and Idelmy's injuries.   Getting medical information about loved ones in Haiti is not always an easy thing. 

Idelmy had surgery on his foot on Sunday and was discharged on Monday.  Wesly had surgery twice (hand and foot), and he is still hospitalized.

I arrived in Haiti Wednesday afternoon and was able to see them both.

Seeing Wesly at the hospital is not an easy thing, but Steeve and I have been able to see him each day since I arrived.  

Visiting hours are twice a day (noon to 1:30 - but they seem to cut the line off about 1) and (5-6:30 - but again, the line isn't open that long). Each patient can only receive one visitor at a time, so for the last 3 days Steeve and I have arrived about 30 minutes before the scheduled visiting time in order to wait for the gate to open where we can pass through, wash our hands, give our ID, and then be given permission to spend a little time with Wesly while trading time with other people who care about him like his mother, his brother, and other friends.

Idelmy is recovering at home.  He can't do much yet because of his foot, so he has been the happy (and exclusive) user of a Kindle tablet to help him pass the time.

The privacy of both Idelmy and Wesly is important to us, and we ask you to please respect that.  We also ask that you pray with us that God will allow them to fully recover.  We are specifically praying that Wesly will be able to come home before I return to the States on September 7.

Thank you for loving the people we love and caring about them.