child sponsorship

Exciting News for our Child Sponsorship Program

Meet the newest member of our volunteer team – our new Child Sponsorship Coordinator, Hannah Telman.

Hannah was born and raised in Wesel, Germany, from where her family was involved in mission work across the world. Hannah grew up delivering relief goods to Eastern Europe, translating for mission teams, cleaning many toilets at the mission center, and being involved in youth ministry.

Through these rich experiences, Hannah's heart was stirred for survivors of abuse and neglect. After moving to the States for college, Hannah received her Master's degree in Counselor Education and became a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Clinical Substance Abuse Counselor.

Hannah is married to Chris and  is a stay-at-home mom to two wonderful young boys.  Although busy with family, her passion to help others has not subsided, so she is partnering with Haiti Awake, hoping to help make a difference in the lives of 13 children whose lives are precious and destined for so much more than they could ever imagine.

Hannah’s vision, her motivation brought this child sponsorship program into existence.  We are excited to have her as part of our team.   Please contact Hannah directly with questions you have about the child sponsorship program.  Her e-mail is